Terms of Service

By using UPcashback.com, you agree to these terms, UPcashback.com reserves the right to change this agreement at anytime and without any prior notice, the latest version of this agreement will always be the over riding agreement, Thaicashback co. ltd. will be known as the ‘site or We’, you or equivalent refers to the user.

  1. 1. You agree to be responsible for all the content you create and not to misuse the site in anyway, are use third party services to cause harm or attack the site at anytime, you accept full responsibility for your actions on the site and agree that legal action maybe taken against you.

  2. 2. You agree not to use any robots or equivalent tools on the site in anyway both lawfully and unlawfully

  3. 3. To qualify for a cashback, you understand that you must make a real purchase on our affiliate sites with a valid account and internet access, you also understand that if a return or dispute is made on your purchase with our affiliate site, you will not receive any such cash back compensation, failure to comply with any of the qualifications mentioned in clause three will not earn you any cashback from our site, additional qualifications:

    1. 3.1 You must be 18 years or older

    2. 3.2 You must visit the affiliate site through Thaicashback.com and have completed the entire transaction through the link and not navigate away

    3. 3.3 You must have cookies enabled in your browser

    4. 3.4 You must be a Thai resident

    5. 3.5 You must have a Thai Bank Account to complete the transfer

  4. 4. You agree that UPcashback.com will not be held responsible if you do not receive cashback or there are errors within the tracking system

  5. 5. You agree that you will have to wait up to 7-14 days until funds are shown into your account as pending, you will not be able to request the release of these funds out of your account until at least 60 days (or up to 120 days) after your purchase, this is to ensure that the product is not returned or refunded

  6. 6. You agree that the all amount of days stated in all clauses of these terms are an estimate and UPcashback.com will not accept any responsibility or provide compensation if these estimates are not met

  7. 7. You agree that the minimum cashback amount is 300 Thai Baht only, if you do not reach this amount you will not be able to withdraw your cashback from your account. You may also not withdraw only referal payments.

  8. 8. You agree that after the request to withdraw is received it may take up to 30 days for you to receive your funds in your bank account

  9. 9. In order to accept the funds, you agree to provide your full Thai bank account details in order to process the payment, failure to do so may mean that you will not receive your cashback

  10. 10. You are responsible for requesting cash back from your account, you will not receive any cash back if you do not request it, and you must do so within a time frame specified by UPcashback.com, failure to do so will automatically return funds to the site.

  11. 11. You agree to be responsible of any taxes relating to the payment of cashback from UPcashback.com to your personal account

  12. 12. UPcashback.com reserves to close or suspend your account or change the funds in your account without any prior notice and has no need to provide any reason for doing so

  13. 13. If you do not have any transactions in your account or funds in your accounts for a period of exceeding 180 days, the site reserves the right to remove or suspend your account without prior notice

  14. 14. UPcashback.com reserves the right to cancel any campaign on its site without prior notice and maybe suspend fund payments relating to that campaign to all accounts

  15. 15. You agree to provide truthful signup account information of yourself and are responsible of keeping account information confidential as well as from time to time updating your account to ensure security is kept

  16. 16. You are responsible for checking and maintaining your account to ensure that the cash backs shown are correct, in the case that you believe it is not, you may submit a missing cash back form or contact customer service for further information

  17. 17. You have the right to dispute the amount of cashback shown in your account within 80 days of the purchase, failure to do so will mean that you waive your right to dispute that order and future disputes will not be entertained by UPcashback.com or any of its staff

  18. 18. Lending, exchanging, transferring or any similar activity on your account is prohibited, if it is deemed that you are in violation UPcashback.com reserves the right to withhold all payments to your account and permanently close it

  19. 19. Your UPcashback.com balance has no financial value until a formal request to cash out has been received.

  20. 20. Your cashback amount may vary due to currency fluctuations as in some cases merchants pay UPcashback.com in foreign currencies which will need to be converted back into Thai Baht.

  21. 21. You agree not to create multiple accounts or to artificially drive traffic or signups to UPcashback.com

  22. 22. We allow you to use other coupons or incentive on the merchant’s site although we will not be responsible if these do not work or you do not get cash back from third party providers ie. The credit card company

  23. 23. UPcashback.com will not be liable for any problems between you and the end merchant as we are purely an affiliate network and have no formal connection, we will not engage in any dispute between you and the merchant and you agree not to take any legal action against on by any means on any issues relating to the use of UPcashback.com

  24. 24. You agree to comply to all Thai laws and are fully responsible for your actions and accept all possible circumstances relating to those actions

  25. 25. You agree not to at in stage infringe the copyrights put in place by UPcashback.com, our merchants, our partners or any other of our affiliates

  26. 26.You agree that we may take legal action against you in the case that you violate copyrights, commit fraud or any other illegal practice

  27. 27. You agree that UPcashback.com is not responsible for any of the actions by our affiliate links or 3rd parties on our site and will not listen to any complaints or disputes regarding the links or material provided by any of our partners, merchants or affiliates

  28. 28. Any references of Thaicashback or UPcashback will constitute the representation of the same legal body, Thaicashback co. ltd.

Referral Program

  1. 1. UPcashback.com reserves the right to withhold any referral payments in the case that we believe that the account violates are terms of service, we also reserve the right to suspend all accounts related to that account

  2. 2. We offer a one off 100-baht referral fee to both yourself and the member you have referred, although we reserve the right to change this without any prior notice, this is only payable when your referred member has reached 300 THB in cashback amount

  3. 3. To receive this one off bonus, the referred member must have verified their account through our system, and this will be cashed into your UPcashback.com account and not in any other form

  4. 4. We also offer you 15% of the total cashback on your referred members ‘accounts, this should automatically show in your account, in the case that it doesn’t please contact customer support, please note that this will take longer to show in your account as we will need to verify that your referred members ‘purchase has fully gone through

  5. 5. We may offer other incentives to your customer periodically, this will only apply for the period set and will not have any knock on effect

  6. 6. All of our incentive programs are subject to change without prior notice, and we reserve the right to without all payments without notice

  7. 7. To withdraw money from our incentive program you must have valid cashback transactions, if you do not have any cashback transactions in your account you will not be able to withdraw referral payments.

Termination of Agreement

  1. 1. This agreement is terminated if you fail to comply with any of these terms and conditions, we will suspend or cancel your account immediately and you will permanently banned from the use of UPcashback.com or any affiliate sites

  2. 2. If you want to cancel or close your account please call or email customer support

  3. 3. If your account is suspended or closed for any reason or for no reason at all (in the case that UPcashback.com decide to close your account), you forfeit all funds within the account and cannot make any claim of the funds


In the case that UPcashback.com fails to enforce any part of this agreement or any part of this agreement becomes unenforceable, it does not constitute a waiver of any of the terms mentioned in this document.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions will be government by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand with the exclusive jurisdiction of courts located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Last updated: 24th November 2016